What's New (Academics)

Monol’s newly opened Standard Single Room

Monol’s new single person room fits students who enjoy and are more comfortable living and studying in solitude. With this brand new room type, the academy wishes to cater to students who value their privacy. As well as those who prefer staying in a room alone.

What's New (Activities)

Monol celebrates a cozy Christmas 2019

December 20 marks a special Christmas celebration for Monol teachers and employees. Despite the cold breeze and drizzle, the academy’s Christmas party was warm as ever as everyone was basking in the Christmas cheer together.


Student life: learning the rules of Monol school

When it comes to the rules of the school, I think these penalties are a natural part of student life. I appreciate EOP a lot because I sometimes tend to speak Korean without knowing when it is hard to express in English.


6 must-try Korean restaurants in Baguio

Today, I will introduce the best restaurants I have tried in Baguio. Actually, these places are already famous among Koreans for their Korean food. For starters, let us start with the Korean-favorite, pork belly!


Score Higher on TOEIC

I just took the official TOEIC test last January 20, 2018, here in Baguio City. In this essay, I will share my experiences as a student who got a high score.