100% refund guaranteed!


During any student’s study program, unforeseen or unprecedented circumstances may occur that would leave no choice for him/her but to cancel. No more batch mates left to hang out with, health-related concerns, family emergencies or just simply too tired of the demands of the courses, are only some of the possible reasons why students are unable of completing their program. Most of the time, another problem arises because of the inability of academies to give back the refund in full.

To avoid giving this burden to the students, Monol is committed to returning 100% of the students’ tuition and accommodation fees with the exception of registration fee of $100 and the money transfer fees (if applicable).

Here are the other terms concerning refunds:

Refunds given to students will be based on the term schedule of Monol, regardless of their start date. Students who have already started their term shall not receive any refund for that term.

Before the students progress to the next term, they should process their request for refund more than a week before it starts. Once approved, they can receive 100% refund of tuition and accommodation fees.

On the other hand, students who decide to cancel one week before the start of the new term or less shall be receiving a refund with a deduction, which is a week’s worth of accommodations.

In as much as we wish all students to complete their study program, we also acknowledge the inevitable situations that deter them from staying with us for the rest of their learning journey. And for this reason, we wish to apply just measures and treat them fairly.


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