2018 IELTS / TOEIC Official Exam Schedule (Baguio)


Monol offers TOEIC and IELTS courses in the campus.

As an achievement, many students have studied and taken the course every month here at Baguio City, Philippines.

We encourage you to take the exam on-site at the end of your study abroad.

 Please make a procedure request to the school office 3 weeks in advance of the examination.

Although the results would be provided online two weeks after your exam, the official report will reach the school in about 3 weeks. For some situations, if  you wish to mail to Japan, you will be charged separately, so please check properly.

Schedule of 2018 IELTS / TOEIC Official Exam

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TOEIC (Listening & Reading) Baguio region (venue: BAGUIO city)

January 20 (Saturday)

February 17 (Saturday)

March 17 (Saturday)








IELTS British Council Baguio region (venue: New Town Hotel / Azalea)

January 13 (Saturday): Academic only

January 20 (Saturday)

February 10 (Saturday)

March 15 (Thu): Academic only

March 24 (Saturday)

April 21 (Sat)

May 5 (Saturday): Academic only

May 24 th (Thursday)

Saturday, June 30

July 21 (Saturday): Academic only

Saturday, July 28

August 18 (Saturday)

September 15 (Saturday): Academic only

September 29 (Saturday)

Saturday, October 27

November 10 (Saturday)

November 17 (Saturday): Academic only

Saturday, December 15

IELTS has a lecture course that introduces all the basics of the IELTS testing format while the practice course prepares and trains students through exercises and applications.

Test simulations/Mock exams are conducted every Friday as an evaluation of the students’ improvement.


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