Tangadan Falls: Away We Go


“Tired, but happy.” These three words could probably be the best way to describe the first weekend trip in May. We went to Tangadan Falls.

Monol took the students to the province of La Union, this time not for beaches and surfing, but to showcase another attraction this place has to offer.

As the weekend trip persisted following months after it was launched, Monol offered a weekend trip to Tangadan Falls, San Gabriel, a three-hour trip from Baguio City.

Participants assembled at 7:30 am at the basketball court where the shuttle bus was waiting. Monol’s shuttle bus made the trip convenient as it could pull over restaurants and convenient stores when needed. The students, together with the staff and tour guides, arrived at 11:00 am at the entry point and started the trek on the way to the falls which took more than hour counting in the stops and rests.

Tangadan Falls 4 Tangadan Falls 3

An hour of trekking was just as strenuous as it was fulfilling upon reaching the top of the mountain and being welcomed by effervescing flow of the waterfalls. Students enjoyed the irony of direct sunlight and refreshing fresh water from the mountains – swimming, cliff diving, taking pictures and just having a good time.

Tangadan Falls 2

The day ended with the feeling of satisfaction after seeing breath-taking scenery and peacefully taking a rest after an exhausting adventure. Monol offers weekend trips twice a week, alternate with the pick-up schedules which are also conducted during weekends. Join us next time?


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