Baguio Language School Group Pickup


Hello ~ A new beginning in Monol Language School is right ahead!! 
Let us write while contemplating about the first review articles.

I heard something while I was thinking about writing an article. So I had decided to write something about the Philippine language training information today.

Baguio Language School Group Pickup

I would like to write as much as possible and show the pictures as much as possible, but there are parts where it cannot be seen with a picture.

[1] Leaving for the Philippines! 

I think there might be some people who are riding an airplane for the first time, so I’ll write about how to move around Incheon airport. 

a. Ticketing

Enter the site where you purchased your ticket before downloading the E-Ticket. (You may have to    download or print it.) 

You may have to show it to the immigration office after you arrive in the Philippines. 

Go to Incheon airport and find your airline.

I will go to the procedure 

 If you present your checked baggage (big carrier), your passport, and your eTicket, the officer will take care of the ticket. 

b. Departure Procedures 

Before departure, check your luggage and check if your passport is correct. 

c. Do not worry if you are having difficulty following the instructions. 

d. Do not worry about your flight time. 

When you check in your ticket when you first make a ticket, you will see the boarding gate and boarding time (30 minutes before flight departure time). You can go to the boarding gate at that time. To get to the gate, you can follow signs on the ceiling in the airport. This is never difficult!

[2] Entering the Philippines 

Now, I want to know about the immigration process. 
I do not have a picture of this part, but I’ll write it down so you can understand it well enough.
Please note that you must fill out the immigration notice in advance.


Sample Philippine Immigration Notice Form

1. Follow the people on the plane 

Follow the people on the plane and just come out with them. 

2. In the IMMIGRATION line, go to the line of FOREIGN PASSPORT. When you 
are in line, please submit your passport and the immigration report completed on the plane. 
Sometimes I stayed here for a few days. I can have a brief interview on the purpose of coming to the Philippines, showing me a ticket, and so on.


Go to the Baggage Claims to find your baggage. 

If I pass by the immigration, I can see a big electric signboard. 

Look at the billboard and check the baggage number for the airline and number you boarded 
and if you find that number, your checked baggage will be on the rails. 

If you found your bag! You can come out of the airport with your luggage. 

4. If you find a baggage for NOTHING TO DECLARE, you can go outside the airport. If you do not have any items to report, such as duty-free items, you can exit through the exit with nothing to declare.

[3] Meet the Baguio Language School Pickup Team 

Here is the most recent information on the most recent group pick-ups of Baguio Language Schools. 

(I arrived at Terminal 1, so the information and pictures are about Terminal 1 pick-up.) Go 
straight for your luggage and go straight for one or two minutes, you will see the door to the outdoors. Everyone in the airport moves to the door. ▼▼▼▼▼


Follow the lines and read the text

If you cross the road along the red line, you will see a downhill area. 
You can then proceed down the green line.


Follow the picture and read the text.

The downhill area is on both sides and the picture is on the way to the right. 
Actually, it does not matter if you go to the left. 
I have to go down to duty free in the center anyway.    


Duty Free at Terminal 1

Anyway, after descending downhill and coming down to the right, you should go to your left, and if you are coming down to the left, you can see the yellow sign for DUTY FREE.


These guys are very useful.

If you find someone holding this BESA banner (here), give your name and show your passport, 
you will collect more students from Baguio and other language schools to go to the Baguio language school pickup bus. 

It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to get to the bus from where you met the BESA pickup team.


BESA team useful

[4] After the bus pick-up


Baguio Bound

1. The pick-up bus picks up all the students from Terminal 1, moves to Terminal 2 and picks up the students who arrived there. 
Then they will pick up additional students at Terminal 3 and go to Baguio.

2. It takes about 5 to 6 hours from Manila airport to Baguio language school. 

You can sleep and relax, but the air conditioner is really cold. 

I was wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt and a fleece hood on top of brushed pants, though it was not so cold.

3. When you arrive in Baguio, the pick-up teachers will call you by the name of your school. 
You will be dropped off at your language schools where you registered.

 My Destination ^^ Monol Institute

You can get off if you are in front of Monol.

I have explained the way to go to the Baguio language schools in detail and as much as possible. 
One thing I want to say is that even if you do not have a picture, you can move on to the text that is on top of it.

Do not be afraid because you will be going safely to your Baguio language schools.



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