A battle of will and courage: 3+1 Bizarre Food Challenge


One of the most sought-after things of tourists whenever they visit a new place is food. For the adventurous ones, they would seek the exotic or strange delicacies a country or region has to offer. No matter how grotesque or foul-smelling these are, they would bring up all their courage to get a taste and add this experience to their bucket list, fulfilled.

Last August 12, the 3+1 teachers of MONOL organized a Bizarre Food Challenge for their roommates to spice up the students’ stay in the Philippines. Students who participated in this activity were served some of the most famous exotic street foods in the Philippines, like balut (duck fetus eaten from the shell) and odocs (deep-fried day-old chick). Some of the not-so bizarre foods served for this contest was the binatog (boiled white corn kernels with shredded coconut), santol (cotton fruit), carabao mangoes and rattan (snake fruit). While the binatog may actually be quite pleasing because of the milk and sugar mixed to it, the fruits – santol, carabao mangoes and rattan, on the contrary, have a strong, sharp, and biting sourness.

Indeed, as the students take on the challenge of sampling the unique delicacies of Filipinos, they build more familiarity with the home they came to know when they were studying English.

bizarre food challenge 2


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