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0 Trekking 2 Mountains

Aside from the mountain ranges surrounding Baguio, there are other peaks around the city that students can explore. In Benguet, one of the popular mountains for a good day hike is Mt. Ulap. Apart from the trekking activity, the sought-after attraction in the now-dormant volcano, Mt. Pinatubo, is its crater.

0 Surfing at San Juan

Monol’s San Juan weekend trip is not only for those who already know how to surf. Also known as the “Surfing Capital of the North”, San Juan is teeming with beach resorts offering surf lessons.

0 Vigan: Going Back in Time

During MONOL’s Vigan weekend trip, the students are transported back in time when the Philippines was a colony of Spain. Here, students get to view structures built during the Spanish colonization of the Philippines, at the same time, immerse in the local cult

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