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0 February visit to RSCC: Paper bag puppets with the kids

Right after Valentine’s Day, Monol went to spend a Saturday morning, February 15, in high spirits with the kids of the Reception and Study Center for Children (RSCC). 10 Monol students of different nationalities signed up for the outreach program. They had the opportunity to bond with 12 kids from the center.

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0 An extra sweet Valentine’s Day 2020 at Monol

As February 1st hits the calendars, the usual Baguio breeze is tinged with an even sweeter vibe as people look forward to the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day. On February 14th, Monol also participated in spreading the love to everyone in the academy.

What's New
0 Monol’s newly opened Standard Single Room

Monol’s new single person room fits students who enjoy and are more comfortable living and studying in solitude. With this brand new room type, the academy wishes to cater to students who value their privacy. As well as those who prefer staying in a room alone.

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0 Monol celebrates a cozy Christmas 2019

December 20 marks a special Christmas celebration for Monol teachers and employees. Despite the cold breeze and drizzle, the academy’s Christmas party was warm as ever as everyone was basking in the Christmas cheer together.

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0 Moving to the music: Zumba at Monol 2019

Zumba is a simple yet great way to get moving. Undeniably, day to day activities like sitting in class or doing desk work can get sedentary. So, with this exercise as well as other fitness programs in Monol, the school hopes to promote an active lifestyle.

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0 The Kids of 3+1 Enjoy a Fun Game Night

3+1 room activities usually include going bowling and watching movies at the cinema. However, most of the 3+1 students this term are kids. In this case, the teachers thought arranging a game night would be the most enjoyable for them.

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