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0 Teacher Ruth’s Journey in Monol

Last August 02, 2019, Monol paid tribute to teacher Ruth and her 12 years of teaching in the academy. The retirement party titled ‘A Journey to a Beautiful Career in ESL Teaching’ looked back on the many memories she has made in the Monol.

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0 July 2019 Red Cross Bloodletting Program

After three months, the Philippine Red Cross Baguio Chapter is back in Monol for another bloodletting program. The previous blood donation campaign happened last March 2019 with a total of 14 blood donors. This time, with mostly new students, a total of 18 people donated blood during the two-day program. 

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0 3+1 Activity: Game Night

With the arrival of new students, it was time for the 3+1 teachers and students to get to know each other. As an ice breaker for all the shy, still-adjusting newcomers, a little game night was scheduled for everyone to enjoy.

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0 My Monol Experience: A Student Interview

Student Edith, who is from Taiwan, came to Monol to achieve her IELTS target score. She originally aimed for a target score of 6.5 but ended up reaching an IELTS score of 7 in her five weeks. She considers this her greatest achievement in Monol.

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0 Why Choose Monol? : A Teacher Interview

Last May, the Baguio English Schools Association (BESA) paid a visit to Monol for a little interview with one of the teachers. Teacher Joener, who has been with Monol for 12 years, talked about Monol from an educator’s perspective.

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0 3+1 Movie Night Activity

All students and teachers from 3+1 rooms gather together for a fun night at a local shopping mall (SM Baguio). They were set to watch the new American superhero film ‘Captain Marvel’. The film won’t have any subtitles so for the students, it’s great practice for listening!

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