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0 Christmas: A Glimpse of Summer

Monol came up with the theme of Havana for the yuletide season, tagging it as ‘A Glimpse of Summer in December’. This is for the Christmas party of its employees and it’s packed with many surprises like games, prizes, food, ale, fun, and camaraderies!

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0 The Great Karaoke Showdown

December 21 – A small Christmas celebration for students takes place in the form of a sing-off! Students battle with their voices through the karaoke, which is a favorite hobby and a prevalent culture of Filipinos. There are also mini-games for non-contestants that come with good food and sur-prizes!

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0 Imagination & Creativity Day

Monol went for a visit to RSCC-CAR to bring a day of fun and share the love. This is an activity that nurtures the foreign students to be compassionate and become champions of humanity. It’s the learning that goes beyond the classroom and the knowledge they get is universal.

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0 Helping the Typhoon Victims

Three weeks ago, one of the strongest typhoons ever to hit the country battered the northern part of the Philippines. Super typhoon “Mangkhut”, known locally as “Ompong”, had caused massive flooding and landslides, which damaged crops, properties, and houses all over northern Luzon and the Cordillera.

What's New
0 Friendship through 3+1 Program

In Western countries, it is common practice for students to learn English by living with a host family. Monol may not have host families, but we do have our 3+1 Program, which is a unique living arrangement of three students and one teacher. It is guaranteed to be exposed on English language 24/7 and forge a friendship.

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