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0 Friendship through 3+1 Program

In Western countries, it is common practice for students to learn English by living with a host family. Monol may not have host families, but we do have our 3+1 Program, which is a unique living arrangement of three students and one teacher. It is guaranteed to be exposed on English language 24/7 and forge a friendship.

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0 Staying Fit While It Rains

Thanks to Monol for breaking this bad habit. As part of keeping the experience good for everyone, meaning students and employees, Monol organized activities to make sure that blasting energy never get lost and that staying fit is possible even it rains.

What's New
0 Vietnam, Japan Agencies Visit

Monol International Education Institute is one of the affiliates of BESA participating in the Fam Tour. On separate dates, the delegates from Vietnamese and Japanese agencies had a visit on the premier English school in Baguio, finding out how well the school fares in the industry.

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