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Students' Corner
0 Filipino Desserts

As a food lover, what I like best in Baguio City is no doubt its delectable food, especially the Filipino desserts. Even though it’s just the third week of my stay in this city, I’ve heard a lot of information about its delicious food and restaurants from my classmates and teachers.

Students' Corner
0 Beautiful Scenes in Baguio City

Since the first day I came to Baguio, I have been attracted by this city because of the beautiful scenes. Natural sights surround the city therefore, we can feel the forest’s fresh air, comfortable temperature, and clean sky.

Students' Corner
0 Architecture & Weather of Baguio

There are only two weeks left before I am going to finish my stay in Monol.  Baguio City, where my school is, is called “The Summer Capital of the Philippines”. Baguio City is interesting because of the people living here, the weather, traffic, and its architecture. All of these make a great Baguio in my eyes.

Students' Corner
0 Tourist spots in Baguio

I can’t stand hot weather, so I chose Baguio City to learn English. You can also visit a lot of tourist spots such as Camp John Hay, The Mansion, Mines View Park, Burnham Park, and many more.

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