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General ESL
0 5 Courses in General ESL

The course I am enrolled in according to my level is the Basic Conversation Course (ESL) or General ESL. You may not know much about ESL so I will briefly introduce it: Monol academy has a total of 5 courses of basic conversation. For 10 semesters, I studied listening, writing, pronunciation, reading, and speaking.

General ESL
0 Regular and Elective Classes

Monol offers a variety of courses. These are regular classes like General ESL, IELTS/IELTS Guarantee, Business English, Flight Attendant Training, and a customized course called LEAP. You can choose whatever you want that would suit your needs.

General ESL
0 Electives Overview

Besides MONOL’s major courses, we also have three and a half hours of free electives for students to choose. For those students who require more intense study time, electives can make your daily study more fulfilling.

General ESL
0 Challenges of Studying English

During my third week of learning English, there are significant challenges. Now, I am not in the mood to write about the school trip in Monol (I went to Clarke Lake and came back yesterday). I will mainly share the challenges encountered in learning here.

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