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After School
0 First Week and EOP

In Monol, everyone comes from different countries and even the same nationalities still need to speak English because of the English-Only-Policy. This naturally establishes an English environment; hence, if you are the one who lacks self-discipline and wants to study English, Monol is the best choice.

Campus Life
0 Services of Monol

When a person studies abroad, the living environment, facilities, and services are important to be considered. A comfortable service and environment are necessary conditions for us to study easily.

Campus Life
0 Daily Routine of Mine

I’m going to introduce my daily routine and the schedule of students in Monol from Monday to Friday. Learning in Monol is like returning to high school. Every day, there are fixed courses and we must follow all the rules and regulations of the school.

Campus Life
0 First day in the Philippines

My Monol Study Tour in the Philippines finally started from this first day! It is my first time to visit the Philippines, and to go to Monol alone is a memorable challenge and a very valuable experience!

Campus Life
0 Living at 3+1 Room

The 3+1 room is for 3 students and 1 Filipino teacher. In the Philippines, there a few schools where living is part of that dormitory type. I am making most out of the advantages of this room.

Campus Life
0 Good Services for Students

I have stayed in Monol for a long time and I am satisfied with their daily good services. What I want to emphasize is that it is really complete and almost the same as of a star hotel.

Campus Life
0 Enriched Learning Life

Unknowingly, I have been in Monol academy for more than one month. Time flies during my learning days, and my English skill keeps on improving. It has built my confidence. I am finally seeing the good result of the enriched learning system and I am secretly pleased.

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