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Campus Life
0 Living at 3+1 Room

The 3+1 room is for 3 students and 1 Filipino teacher. In the Philippines, there a few schools where living is part of that dormitory type. I am making most out of the advantages of this room.

Campus Life
0 Good Services for Students

I have stayed in Monol for a long time and I am satisfied with their daily good services. What I want to emphasize is that it is really complete and almost the same as of a star hotel.

Campus Life
0 Enriched Learning Life

Unknowingly, I have been in Monol academy for more than one month. Time flies during my learning days, and my English skill keeps on improving. It has built my confidence. I am finally seeing the good result of the enriched learning system and I am secretly pleased.

After School
0 Celebrating Festivals in Baguio

The third week since I arrived in Baguio, I experienced celebrating a holiday. That Friday night we went to the most bustling center of SM Baguio. It takes about 20 minutes to get there from Monol to SM without the traffic jams.

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