Live at ease and worry-free at Monol!


To support a well-balanced student life, Monol ensures that the essential and basic services in the academy are sustained and further improved. By providing these with the best quality, students are assured of a convenient and comfortable stay during their study program and focus solely on their academics.

Dormitories in Monol are customized to ensure efficient and comfortable learning. To achieve this, Monol provides a dehumidifier, refrigerator, and spacious study areas in each room. At the same time, each student is given complete dormitory amenities such as beddings, a study table, study lamp, wardrobe closet, laundry basket, and clothes hangers.

The academy provides services such as room cleaning and laundry services for free and for unlimited times as well. Further, Monol serves three buffet meals every day with a variety of Asian cuisines along with a breakfast bar, bread and coffee bar as well as a salad bar that serves 10 kinds of vegetables, 6 kinds of sauces and a fruit dessert.

As the years progress, Monol still continues to improve its facilities and services to guarantee that each student lives worry-free during his/her study program.




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