Costume Contest for the scary, spooky, cute, and corny


October 31, 2014 was the day for five contestants to blaze through Monol’s basketball court and show off their acts for the Halloween. With the theme, “Not only for the scary and spooky, but also for the cute and corny”, the academy, indeed, reveled on five different acts from the contestants.

As part of the All Hallow’s Eve celebration, it was natural to take on the zombie and witch look with a bit of unique twists here and there. On the other hand, the cute and corny part of Monol’s Halloween celebration was represented by the Cheshire Cat, the smiling cat from Alice and Wonderland, and Jack Skellington, the protagonist of the Tim Burton film, Nightmare before Christmas.

There were three chosen winners for the costume contest based on criteria that covers originality, creativity, effort and crowd reaction. A People’s choice award was given as well.

And thus, the winners were:
First Place: Teacher JJ (The Zombie)
Second Place: Teacher Tedd (Jack Skellington)
Third Place: Teacher Mana (The Cheshire Cat)

People’s Choice: Teacher Tedd

And so Halloween passed by so quickly during a cold, windy night at Monol.




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