IELTS Features

  • Requirement: Minimum study program duration of eight (8) weeks
  • Constitutes eight (8) hours of lecture and practice with three (3) hours and 30 minutes of optional classes in a day
  • Offers Elective Practice subjects set in man-to-man classes for a more intensive studying on skills that need more improvement
  • Can also provide five (5) hours of core subjects set in man-to-man classes
  • Conducts IELTS mock exams every term as qualifying tests to applicants
  • Assists students in testing applications
  • Assesses students through weekly exams in all subjects and mock exams every term
  • Offers a Guarantee Program to students who fail to achieve the target band score within a specific time period


IELTS has a lecture course that introduces all the basics of the IELTS testing format while the practice course prepares and trains students through exercises and applications.

Test simulations/Mock exams are conducted every Friday as an evaluation of the students’ improvement.