Dawn to Dusk at Hundred Islands


From dawn to dusk, we went on an unforgettable journey from the mountains to the beaches.

The Hundred Islands is one of the most looked-forward destinations on Monol Weekend Trip list. It’s no wonder because this tourist attraction is one of the National Geological Monuments of the Philippines consisting of whopping 124 islands during high tide and 123 during low tide.

With this great number of islands comes a great number of adrenaline-satisfying activities to do. On June 17 this year, Monol took 26 students to experience nature’s wonder.

The usual departure time of students from the academy when going to Hundred Islands is at 5:30 am near the guard house where Monol shuttle bus is waiting. Taking approximately three hours, the group arrived at a mall in Alaminos, Pangasinan where they had breakfast and bought some food and other necessities.

At noon, the group went on the adventure with a boat ride from the dock to the islands. In between the island hopping, the students tried snorkeling, swimming, zip line, parasailing and enjoyed grilled milkfish at Quezon Islands.

dawn to dusk 4

dawn to dusk 3

Marking the end of an activity-filled day, some of the students had dinner at a local restaurant near the port. The group left the place at 7:00 pm and arrived at Monol at 11:30.

dawn to dusk 2

Missed out this weekend trip? Worry no more because Monol offers weekend trip every two weeks. From dawn to dusk, see you next time!

Photo credits to Tom


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