Diverse Activities


Since Monol believes that learning happens inside and outside the walls of every classroom. The academy assures every student that in every lesson they learn. In every new place they explore, there are diverse ways of enjoying and appreciating the experience.

Diverse On-Campus Activities


Parties and talent showdowns are also arranged regularly at Monol. These events have themed programs where both students and teachers are drawn together to interact. They learn from each other while showcasing their unique talents. Various competitions such as essay writing and speech presentations are also some of these activities.

Extra-curricular programs related to fitness are also offered at Monol for free. Tamer choices of exercises are yoga, pilates, and golf, to more intense physical activities like boxing and mixed martial arts. Students now have diverse choices to learn and discover new interests while keeping themselves fit. Sports activities like bowling, basketball, and futsal along with tournaments are also part of the extra-curricular activities at Monol.

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Diverse Off-Campus Activities


Monthly outreach programs are organized at Monol as a way of giving back to the community. This is for the hospitality and acceptance of Baguio. Mostly, these are feeding programs, visits to orphanages, tree-planting, clean-up drives, and exchange student programs to local high schools.


Trips to different places in and around Baguio contribute to the enrichment of the students’ lives at Monol. Through these weekend trips, they not only get to unwind but also discover new cultures and interests.

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