Enjoying recreational facilities and learning


In order to achieve a more efficient way of learning, Monol makes sure that each student gets a balanced and healthy atmosphere during the tedious process of learning. Because of this, the academy has established a variety of recreational facilities that would cater to the extra-curricular needs of the students. Inside the campus, students get to learn and experience playing golf at the academy’s driving range, relieve stress at the sauna or at the yoga and Pilates room, or just simply enjoy various sports after a day of classes.

Further, Monol assures each of its students that having a healthy and fit lifestyle is the key to achieving good results academically. Not only does it provide the facilities but also classes that would let the students discover and explore new hobbies and interests, all for free!

Who says that learning is stagnant and exhausting? At Monol, you get to learn and have fun at the same time!


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