First Things To Do at Monol


First things first! 

Every month, there are two schedules for group pick-up at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) for the students. On those schedules, the pick-up group will wait for the students at the designated areas in NAIA. From there, they will travel to Baguio City which is more or less 5 to 6 hours away from NAIA in Metro Manila. Their estimated arrival in Baguio is Sunday morning. 

Last weekend, a total of 53 students arrived in MONOL International Education Institute for the Term B. Upon arriving in the academy last Sunday, they were immediately given their room assignments to give time for them to settle their things, eat and rest in the morning.

After lunch, the Managers provided the preliminary orientation to the students. Information about the curfew, rules in drinking alcohol, and the ban on entering other rooms in the dorm was among those discussed to the students. During the preliminary orientation, the new students also chose the nicknames that they will use while in the academy. They also filled-out their Special Study Permits. The managers also oriented the new students about other local fees the students have to pay, as well as other practical information that they need to know while staying in the Philippines.  Students were also informed about their schedule for the next day.

After the orientation, the students were divided into groups. It was followed by the campus and city tour which was led by some of the teachers, usually the teachers in the 3+1 room. During the city tour, the students were brought to SM Baguio to allow them to buy the things they need, change their money to Philippine Peso and eat dinner. The students were also taught how to commute via public transportation in Baguio, like riding the jeep and cab. Then they returned to MONOL in the evening. 11

On Monday, the General ESL Department held the tests for the new students to determine their initial level. In the afternoon, the orientation was held to further discuss the contents of the student handbook which was led by the Managers and the Student Relations Department. During the orientations, the class procedures, rules and regulations, and the penalty were thoroughly discussed to the students. After the orientation, the students were given free time to prepare for the next day. Their class schedules were given in the evening of Monday and it started on July 12 (Tuesday). First Things 1


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