Join our first 3×3 Monol Basketball Tournament



Monol would love to see your skill and love for the game of basketball as we hold the first ever 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament here at our own Monol Basketball Court starting on October 4.

We believe that Monol students, teachers, and all its employees have what it takes to be crowned the first 3×3 kings of the court. What are you waiting for? Tag your friends and put together a team for the tournament as the deadline for the registration of teams would end on September 29.

Who can join?
Students, teachers, staff members, or any employee legitimately associated with Monol can join.

Round Robin Group Stages

A registration of P200 per team would be collected.
Register your team name and names of your team members at the MSD Office.
Registration will end on September 29.
Games will start on October 4.

60% of the accumulated prize pot will go to the champion.
20% will go the runner-up.
Trophies/Certificates await the winners.
Reserve a slot and register now.

Teams should be composed of 3 players and up to 1 substitute per team
16-seconds shot clock
1st team to reach 21 points wins with a deficit of 2 points. Baskets made from inside the arc count as one point. Baskets made when the shooter has BOTH FEET behind the arc count as two points.
Each team must have three to five players on its roster who have registered their team by the predetermined entry deadline.
A player is allowed to participate for only one team throughout the duration of the tournament.
A 10-minute forfeit time will be enforced. Teams must be on the court and ready to play.
A coin flip prior to the start of the game will determine which team has the initial possession.
Each player must have a number on their shirt/uniform (numbers made with masking tape are acceptable).
Each team is allowed three 45-second time-outs per game.
The ball must be “checked” after every out of bounds or opposite team score.
3 second violations for offensive players will be called.
When fouled in the act of shooting and the ball goes in, the offensive team retains possession of the ball. If it does not go in, the person who fouled will get be marked with a foul and the offensive team will retain possession of the ball.
RECORDED TEAM FOUL  (for team that was fouled)
Team Fouls 1 through 7 = Check ball from check box, unless fouled in the act of shooting
Team Fouls 8+ = One free throw, unless fouled in the act of shooting
Flagrant fouls or continuous misconduct will result in team forfeiture and team dismissal from the tournament.


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