Learn Business English at Monol International Education Institute


There are a lot of English programs that Monol International Education Institute offers to its students. All the programs are well-planned and continuously enhanced to help students be proficient in their use of the English Language.

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English Programs in Monol

One of the English programs offered in the institution is Business English. This program will introduce non-native English speakers to various speaking techniques. This includes methods for developing English language and communication skills for business presentations, advertising campaigns, and mock interviews. The students will apply these skills through Brand Research, and other Speaking Engagements to a target audience in a presentation.

The academy’s goal for this course is to improve a student’s Business English speaking skill by delivering professional business presentations. Moreover, skills learned in this course will be helpful in preparing yourself for the different speaking engagements and panel interviews scheduled throughout the program. After completing this course, you will be able to give persuasive business pitches, deliver proper business presentations, use appropriate style and tone of writing for business purposes, and speak confidently in English.

Student Damon confidently answers questions from the panel.

During one of the recent classes in Business English, Damon, a student at Monol, says that he was nervous during the beginning of the presentation. But, once he started speaking, his confidence began to grow. “Business English is a good opportunity for me to practice my speaking, before Monol I haven’t had this kind of opportunity to practice speaking and presenting in English”.

Damon says the speaking presentations ready him for what lies ahead. “I now know I can perform much better during business trips”.


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