Mastering the perfect golf swing at Monol


How would you master the perfect swing when playing golf?

For people who don’t play golf, it would look like the sport is all about hitting the ball. However, when you’re actually handling the golf club, it makes you wonder why you can’t land a good blow to your target.

That’s because, in golf, it is important to have the right grip on the club and be in the right posture to get the perfect swing. Of course, it doesn’t end there. You have to learn to concentrate and clear your mind to do so. Constant practice is a lot of help as well.

To help you get better at swinging, Monol now has the Plane Perfect Golf Machine, which is designed as a “muscle memory training equipment”. With this, you are guided on how to execute your swings and get better at it.



Learning golf has never been this easy. With the lessons provided by our dedicated instructor and the support provided by the Plane Perfect Golf Machine, the students shall be ready to hit the golf course of Camp John Hay in no time.


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