Calling all inspiring chefs!

Form a team of 4-5 members, must be of the same nationality, and join our Monol Cook Fest!

Simply prepare one (1) main dish that will highlight your own country’s native cuisine.

The competition would be held on October 30, 2017 at the Monol Basketball Court at 8:00 AM.

Register now before October 27, 2017 since those who will register early will be prioritized to represent your nation.
Register at the Marketing Department or approach your student managers to register.

Cash prizes, certificates, and the Master Chef Title await the winners and participants of the Monol Cook Fest.

The Monol Cook Fest will be held on October 30, Monday, at the Monol Basketball Court from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. This event will be part of the Halloween Festivities in Monol. Awarding of the winners in the Cook Fest will be during the program proper.

Guidelines and Mechanics

The challenge is to prepare a main dish (good for 10-15 people) that will highlight native cuisine from the teams own country.

All team would be cooking only one (1) main course.

The contest is open to all students in Monol (The Filipino team would be composed of teachers and office staff only).  The participating teams would be Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Filipino.

All individuals in each team must be of the same nationality.

A limited time of two (2) hours is allocated for the entire competition.

All cooking will be done onsite. A cooking site will be prepared during the event.

All teams must be composed of 4-5 members (including 1 Monol Assistant).

Each contestant may bring one (1) Monol Assistant (Teachers or Staff) to assist them with their needs.

Amateur contestants must NOT be professional chefs as defined below. Must not own or engage in food business that is licensed or accredited by a local government agency. For clarity, Amateur contestants may not be employed in any restaurant as a chef, line cook or cook of any capacity.

Each contestant must appear in person. No proxy will be allowed.

Each contestant shall provide a short biography and the recipe to the Marketing Department before October 30, 2017.

Contestants are allowed to tweak the recipe according to his/her own personal style or liking, provided that the entire look and taste of the said dish would still hold semblance with how it is done and cooked traditionally.

Each contestant must ensure that the dish that they will prepare and bring for the competition will be enough for 10-15 people who will taste and judge the dishes.

Aside from the food that will be served to the judges, contestants should also prepare a dish (for display only) during the competition. Light preparation and plate décor for the presentation is permitted.

The attendee-judges will line up and receive small portions of the entry dishes placed in uniform plates or containers for them to taste. Once they are able to taste all entry dishes, they will vote for their favorite dish, based on our criteria.

Procurement of recipe ingredients is the responsibility of the contestants. All equipment’s must be provided by each team. (The marketing department would assist you with obtaining equipment’s)

Criteria of Judging

Taste (40%) 

The flavor of the dish should be the predominant factor in gauging/measuring palatability.

 Visual appeal (30%)

Contrast of plating and design.

Originality and Creativity (20%) 

Recipes are not copied from magazines, cook books, or other contests

Sanitation and Hygiene (10%)

Special attention will be given to the sanitary and hygienic handling of food (example: tasting while cooking etc.), neat and organized working area, and clean working clothes.


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