Monol Goes to San Juan for a Quick Getaway


San Juan, La Union – whilst the weather in Baguio City has recently been mostly cold and wet because of the commencement of the rainy season, the weather in San Juan, La Union was a complete antipode. The shore welcomed the group of 21 students with beaming beach’s sparkle and warm grains of sand that sting a little, kind of making you feel alive somehow.

After having lunch, the students started preparing for the main highlight of the trip: the surfing lesson. The students listened to the surfing instructors as they taught the basics of surfing in English.

Aside from the surfing lessons, the students also broke a sweat by playing volleyball. Some of them who opted not to join the extraneous activities enjoyed picture taking and chilling at one of the restaurants overlooking the beach, sipping fruit shake while being in the moment.

The group departed from San Juan at sunset and arrived in Baguio around 7:00 in the evening.

San Juan is one of the destinations Monol keeps coming back to for the weekend trip. It normally takes two hours to go from Baguio City to San Juan, making it an accessible destination for a quick getaway. No one’s too late to hit the beach. Join us next time!




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