MONOL welcomes new students for Term B


A new term has begun in Monol academy. Because of this, the school held a Level Test and Orientation for its new students for Term B last June 13. 

The academy welcomes a total of 33 students. Among the 33 students, 10 are from Thailand and 10 are Taiwanese. Following are 5 Japanese, 4 Chinese, 3 Koreans and a student from Saudi Arabia. 


Monol International Education Institute’s new students for its Term B

In regards to the level test, it is a series of tests to determine the starting level of the students in Monol. With the results from this, the school knows to what extent of English the student has learned so far. After which, the new students find out about the curriculum, rules, and regulations through an orientation.


Manager Avril conducting the orientation for the students from Thailand


Manager Lino meticulously orients the new student from Saudi Arabia

The academy managers are in charge of the orientation. As of today, MONOL has its own managers for Chinese/Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese students. The Student Relations Department’s task is to handle nationalities without their own managers, for the moment. The managers and SRD also serve as the coordinator and counselors for the students.


Korean manager Leo orienting the three new Korean students of MONOL


Manager Amelie heading the orientation for the new students from Japan

Monol is expecting to welcome another batch of enrollees on June 25. Their Level Test and Orientation will be held on June 27.


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