Monol’s Pizza Penalty Party with New Term 186A Students


Monol academy is always happy to welcome new and eager English learners! Near the end of March, new students of term 186A are getting themselves settled into the academy. This term’s batch is a mix of different nationalities from Japan, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia. For the summer season, the school’s schedule is jam-packed.

As of April 3rd, the majority of Monol’s students are 33% Japanese and 29% Taiwanese. Chinese students comprise 14%, Vietnamese 10%, and 7% each for Korean and Saudi Arabian students.

For the morning of April 1st, the batch 186A students took their level tests. These tests help check the extent of their current English skills.

The students, both old and new (term 186A), enjoy a tasty snack in the evening Penalty Party. It was the usual celebratory Pizza (4 flavors) and soda combo snacks for the party. Of course, considering the Saudi Arabian students, a Halal pizza was on the menu. The Penalty party funds come from the collected penalties from students. 

Coincidentally, the Penalty party overlaps with April Fools day, making it an interesting conversational topic among the students. Regardless of gender and nationality, the students mingle using English as a bridge to get to know each other. This is a perfect opportunity to make foreign friends!

It’s a great start to a new semester and the month of April!



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