MONOL’s Showdown of the good and the bad


If you were a comic book character, are you the hero or the villain?

MONOL’s Halloween party theme this year might have been the best venue for everyone to be a superhero or super villain. On October 26, 2016, both teachers and students dressed up and did their best impersonation of comic and movie characters that are famous either as heroes or villains.

Most participants wore costumes that were recognizable at first glance because of the glaring similarity of their outfit to the original. Others, meanwhile, opted to add embellishments to their costumes to show an entirely different impression of the character they chose. Apart from the hero and villain costumes, some teachers and students dressed up as the monsters of Halloween, namely the zombie, the poltergeist, and the vampire. Some also took on the classical witch and wizard attire.

The highlight of the day was the program that was held after regular classes, which gave opportunities to the students and teachers to flaunt their costumes for everyone to see. All in all, there were 15 contestants for the Best Costume Award. Seven of them were heroes, while the other eight were villains. One hero and a villain were declared the winners.


The moment everyone was waiting for – the costume showdown


The heroes. Do you recognize them?


The villains.

Everyone in the campus was hyped about the costume contest wherein both students and teachers were excited to take part in. However, the celebration of Halloween in MONOL was not only signified by the masquerading of costumes but it was also a time for both the young and the old to enjoy and experience the customary trick-or-treating.



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