One week Experimental Study Program


It is a fact that many students who wish to pursue education in the Philippines for short or long term courses, are not too familiar with the country even as they step foot on the land. Instead, they rely on the information given by intermediaries, which sometimes are too few and inaccurate. The same can also be said about details of academies that are being relayed to the students.

Most of the time, because of insufficient and wide of the mark information, students end up disappointed or surprised of too many unexpected facts about the Philippines and the academy they chose. Then again, because of varying cultures, it is also understandable that academies cannot accommodate the needs and preference of all kinds of nationalities.

With that being said, Monol has launched its One week Experimental Study Program to open more opportunities for you to seek the right academic environment. In this program, we are giving you one week to experience the courses and services of Monol for free and if during this week, the academy is able to satisfy your needs, we would be very happy to accommodate you for the rest of your study program!

If, by any chance, we fail to meet with your preference as you stay with us for a week, we will never hold you back to explore other academies. Regardless of the reason or factors for your dissatisfaction, we will refund your tuition and accommodation fees in full, excluding the $100 registration fee and the money transfer fees.

We, at Monol International, are confident in the quality of facilities and services that we offer to our students and we have high hopes that through this experimental period, you will realize that what we advertise needs no sugar-coating.

Studying in the Philippines requires minimum cost compared to other countries, however, because of some reservations, students are too doubtful of trying out a study program here. But this time, there is no need to worry. Monol are giving you more chances and more freedom to seek the right study program you need and deserve.


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