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What's New Friendship

In Western countries, it is common practice for students to learn English by living with a host family. Monol may not have host families, but we do have our 3+1 Program, which is a unique living arrangement of three students and one teacher. It is guaranteed to be exposed on English language 24/7 and forge a friendship.

Campus Life Living 1

The 3+1 room is for 3 students and 1 Filipino teacher. In the Philippines, there a few schools where living is part of that dormitory type. I am making most out of the advantages of this room.

What's New best food games

The 3+1 roommates in MONOL have yet, again, engaged in the best food games on Tuesday, November 8, 2016, after their Bizarre Food Battle last August.

What's New

No matter how grotesque or foul-smelling the bizarre food is, they’d bring up all their courage to get a taste and add this experience to their bucket list.

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