Share your school life as a Student Blogger


Experiences shared by other people are always good sources to learn from.

Monol’s Student Blogger Program pursues just that – to let a student create the best memories and experiences in the Philippines and Baguio, share it to the world and give an assurance that choosing the country for learning English may most likely be the best decision he/she will ever make.

With this program, the student blogger relates actual accounts of his/her life in the Philippines and learning experiences in Monol – from the facilities and services of the academy to the courses and the educators who are guiding him/her towards competitively using English.

Interested applicants for this program can register four (4) or eight (8) weeks and should submit testimonies related to their student life. In return, Monol shall award him/her a $300 discount for every four (4) weeks registered.

Note: It is a must for student bloggers to join at least one sport program offered by the academy.

Click on this link to apply as a Student Blogger:

Student Blogger

We look forward to your written testimonies!


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