Sparta and Self-Sparta Program


In 2013, the Monol Elite Club (MEC) was formed as one of the students’ venues for intensive learning at the academy. Because of the practical activities of the MEC program, many students have adapted well to the curriculum and have, thus, experienced significant improvements in their skills.

The MEC program engages students in four types of activities for three hours and 30 minutes after regular classes. These activities include reading aloud, vocabulary expansion, daily test, and accomplishment of homework. This is done from 19:00-22:30 every day. It requires more than the regular self-study hours and is more specific in targeting skills improvement.

Because of the nature of the MEC program and its notable effects, the academy has decided to enforce this to the students. However, since self-study hours last longer in this program, Monol will be offering two choices to students – that is, to study under Spartan management or to manage their own study times with the Self-Sparta program.

Monol has started to give these options to the students. Although most students prefer to manage their own time after regular classes, there are still a notable number of students under the Sparta program.

To read more on the Sparta and Self-Sparta program, click on this link to get into the specific details of the programs.




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