Student Policies


As an institution, Monol defines policies and regulations to maintain a productive, healthy and safe learning environment for the students. Students are required to learn these policies to be able to understand the different guidelines that are related to their study program and stay in Monol.

Browse through our regulations and policies in the following list:

The Accommodation and Services Department (ASD) oversees the maintenance of the dormitory rooms along with the services that are offered by the academy to cater to the students’ comfort.


  1. Students are encouraged to conserve energy during their stay in Monol. Before leaving the dormitories, check if faucets are tightly closed, unplug the television and gadgets, and turn off lamps and lights. Personal belongings should be properly secured as well. Monol is not liable to any lost item inside dormitories. For safekeeping of important belongings, students can entrust these to CMD managers.
  1. Always lock rooms before leaving. Those who lose room keys are obliged to pay PHP 500 for the replacement.
  1. For fire prevention, the following materials and gadgets are not allowed inside the dormitories: matches and cookware. Use of electric blankets is allowed but with consent from CMD managers. Students who do not get permission from managers are given eight (8) hours penalty.
  1. Students can change their room types or transfer depending on the availability of rooms. Approved transfers or change of rooms is only possible every two (2) weeks.
  1. Entering other students’ rooms are not allowed. Those who are caught entering rooms of fellow students with the same gender as theirs are given 16 hours penalty. On the other hand, students who are caught inside rooms of the opposite gender are given 32 hours penalty. Students who violate this policy are also not allowed to go out of the academy for two (2) weekends and not allowed to drink alcohol. *Checking of CCTVs installed per dormitory floor is done regularly and randomly.*
  1. Smoking is prohibited inside dormitories. Students who are caught doing so are given 8 hours penalty.
  1. Alcohol consumption is strictly forbidden inside dormitories and within the institute. All room occupants are held liable to alcoholic beverages discovered and consumed inside rooms. Violators are given 32 hours penalty and are not allowed to go out of the academy for two (2) weeks. Further, students are not allowed to drink alcohol anytime during weekdays. Students caught violating this policy or those who join persons who are doing such are given the same penalty mentioned.
  1. Students who are found liable to broken, damaged, or lost Monol properties should settle the amount needed for replacement or repair.



All requests for laundry, room cleaning and repairs are given to the Accommodation and Services


  1. The schedule for giving requests is elaborated below:

                 Mondays – Fridays   :   07:00-13:00

  1. The number of clothes to be washed per request should be at least 20 pieces. One pair of socks is considered one item.
  1. Frequency or number of times for giving requests is not limited in a week. Students are required to fill out a form with a detailed list of clothes and are given a laundry tag for the claiming of clean laundry.
  1. Releasing of laundry is done two (2) days after the given request. Schedule for releasing laundry is as follows:

                Mondays – Saturdays   :   14:00-17:00

  1. To avoid conflict, it is mandatory for students to check the clothes listed in their Laundry Request Forms upon claiming.
  1. Students also have the option to use the laundry station located at the rooftop of the campus.



  1.  Students can request for repairs and replacement of dysfunctional dormitory facilities such as faucets, shower fixtures, toilets, light bulbs, electric sockets or lamps.
  1. Requests are given anytime and are attended to by the maintenance staff and electrician as soon as possible.
  1. Students should be present during the repair or replacement of broken equipment in the dormitory rooms.



  1. Room cleaning requests are given anytime of the week. If schedules are full, students need to wait for new request forms, which are released every Fridays at 14:00. Actual room cleaning is done in the following week. On the other hand, releasing of new forms for requesting change of beddings is done every Mondays at 12:00. Actual change of beddings can only be done every two (2) weeks.
  1. At least one dormitory occupant should be present during the room cleaning and change of bedding process. This is to avoid any conflict between the students and the housekeeper.
    1. In cases where all dormitory occupants have no break times, they can request an SRD staff to accompany the housekeeper on their stead.
  1. Housekeepers are only allowed to wait 10 minutes for students. Students who miss the schedule of their room cleaning and change of bedding have to request for another schedule.

Monol’s Penalty Policy is imposed to maintain and improve the learning environment of students.Penalties for committed violations come in the form of Weekend Self-Study and can be settled by paying for its monetary equivalent, only if students failed to cancel these penalties until graduation.

Collected penalties are given back to students through various activities and amenities that cater to their needs.


  1. Regular classes are conducted from 08:00-18:00 during weekdays.
  2. Students with only one (1) week remaining in their study program should diligently attend classes to avoid earning penalties from absences. Otherwise, students are obliged to settle the monetary equivalent of their penalties on the first week of their last term, since reduction of penalties through Weekend Self-Study is no longer applicable.



  1. Weekend Self-Study is done from 08:00-17:00 every Saturdays and/or Sundays. This can also be done from 21:00-24:00 during Fridays and on holidays upon SRD’s approval.
  2. Students who wish to change self-study rooms should approach anyone among the SRD staff to check the availability of rooms. Change of rooms can be done any time of the week and will take effect on the following week.
  3. Depending on the gravity of the penalties, students can apply for their preferred number of hours for Weekend Self-Study.
  4. Application for Weekend Self-Study starts every Thursdays at 13:00 until Fridays at 13:00.
  5. Self-study on holidays are done from 08:00-17:00. Application can be done one day before the holiday. Otherwise, application can be done during Thursdays and Fridays.
  6. Students who are caught doing other things NOT related to self-study incur an additional one (1) hour penalty: (e.g. sleeping, using laptops or mobile phones, watching movies, unauthorized transferring of self-study room, etc.)
  7. Self-study scheduled on free Fridays at 21:00-24:00 are cancelled for students who are inebriated.




Current students: Application for all optional classes is done every Thursdays 13:00 until Friday 19:00.
**Classes start: Monday the following week
New students: Application is done on their first Monday 17:00 until Tuesday 15:00.
**Classes start: Tuesday


Current Students: Application for the Discussion class is done on the last week of a term from Tuesday 13:00 until Friday 15:00.
**Classes start: first Wednesday of the term
New Students: Application is done on their first Monday 17:00 until Tuesday 15:00.
**Classes start: Wednesday

  1. Cancellation of attendance to Optional classes are entertained any day of the week but takes effect on Monday the following week. Students who skip their Optional classes are given penalties.
  2. A first come, first served policy is applied to all applications made for optional classes.



  1. Teachers set a grace period of 15 minutes for classes.
  2. Students who enter their classrooms beyond 15 minutes are already marked absent in class cards.
  3. Three (3) occurrences of tardiness are equivalent to one (1) absence from class.



  1. Students who are not fit to attend classes and Self-Study due to illnesses can approach the Company Nurse for a checkup or ask for medications.
  2. Students are excused from classes if they are given a one-hour Nurse form. During this one hour, students are required to rest at the clinic and are observed for improvements. Likewise, students who go for dental or medical appointments during class hours are excused from classes provided that they present the necessary medical certificates.
  3. Absences are subject to one (1) hour penalty for every hour of absence. Apart from Self-Study hours as penalties, students are also forbidden to leave the academy from 17:00-21:00 on weekdays or during the weekends.
  4. Accumulated penalties acquired from absences in a week should be removed every weekend. Otherwise, students are not allowed to go out of the academy.
  5. Students who earn penalties from absences, but only have two (2) remaining weeks before graduation, should attend weekend self-study on their last weekend.
  6. Those who insist on monetary settlement for penalty cancellation are not entertained. Monetary payment for absence penalties are only accepted if students could not have enough time for Weekend Self-Study and are graduating.



  1. Students are not allowed to bring properties of Monol outside of the academy unless the management duly authorizes it.
  2. Students responsible for the damage of Monol properties are accountable to the replacement or repair of these items. They are obliged to settle the corresponding value of these properties at the Accounting and Property Management Department Office.
  3. Students are required to pay for the loss or damage of the following items:
  • Monol Identification Cards (60 PHP)
  • Laundry Claim Tag (35 PHP)
  • Lost Room Keys (500 PHP)
  • Broken Room Keys (50 PHP)



Students are required to wear their Monol ID Card within the premises of the academy. Those who are caught not wearing their Monol ID Card are given one (1) hour penalty.

The Student Relations Department, in coordination with Monol’s Security Personnel are in-charge of monitoring students’ activities and ensuring that the curfew regulations are followed.

Forms to be filled to grant students permission to leave the campus are acquired in the office of the Student Relations Department. Students who go out of the campus without permission are given 32 hours penalty, not allowed to drink alcohol and go out of the academy for 2 weeks.

The following are the imposed curfew regulations for weekdays and weekends:

Weekdays:  Mondays to Fridays 21:00-05:00
Free Friday (4th week of the term) 24:00-05:00
Saturdays 24:00-05:00
Sundays 21:00-05:00
Sundays: if the next day is NOT a class day 24:00-05:00
Holidays: if the next day is NOT a class day 24:00-05:00
Holidays: if the next day is a class day 21:00-05:00

Students who violate the curfew regulation during Free Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are still allowed to enter the academy but with corresponding penalties. Their penalties depend on how late they arrive in the academy.

Curfew imposed on regular Sundays should be followed. Students are obliged to enter the academy before 21:00. Unless approved by SRD managers, students who arrive at the academy on Monday mornings are given 32 hours of Weekend Self-Study and are not allowed to drink alcohol and go out of the academy for two (2) weeks.

I. LEAVING THE CAMPUS (Leave Pass form)

Students conform to a biometrics security system that requires them to log-out EVERYTIME they leave the campus and log-in upon return using their Monol I.D. Cards. I.D. Cards are equipped with a bar code for the purpose of logging out and logging in. Reasons for going out should be relayed to SRD and to security personnel on duty.

The following are the procedures to follow when leaving the campus:

    1. Students who do not have a Leave Pass Form are allowed to go out of the campus but for 30 minutes only. This 30 minutes can be consumed within 17:00 – 21:00. Those who spend more than 30 minutes around the neighborhood are given a penalty for curfew violation.
    2. Students with a Leave Pass Form are allowed to go out of the campus from 17:00 – 21:00 provided that they do not have any class absences, special penalties, or night classes.

• Students who go out from 17:00 – 21:00 are not allowed to drink alcohol. If caught doing so or if they are joining others who are, students are given 32 hours penalty and are not allowed to drink alcohol and go out for 2 weeks.
• Students who do not return within the specified number of hours in their Leave Pass Form are given a penalty for curfew violation.

The following curfew regulations have corresponding penalties for students who exceed the 30-minute neighborhood strolls and approved number of hours on Leave Pass Forms:

Late for 1-15 minutes 4 hours of Weekend Self-Study
Late for 16-30 minutes 8 hours of Weekend Self-Study
Late for 31-60 minutes 16 Hours of Weekend Self-Study
Late for more than 60 minutes 32 Hours of Weekend Self-Study



  1. Students are allowed to travel outside Baguio City every weekend and holidays only.
  2. In special cases, students can travel during weekdays provided that they are allowed by the managers and their parent/s or guardian/s.  A maximum of five (5) days is granted for travels within weekdays and should still include weekends.
  3. It is important to inform SRD three (3) days prior to the students’ departure. They should give details about the itinerary of the trip as well as submit the list of students joining them. It is also important for students to inform their parent/s or guardian/s regarding their planned travel.
  4. Students who travel on weekends follow a curfew upon their return on Sundays. Failure to comply with the Sunday curfew grants students penalty for curfew violation.



  1. Students are encouraged to observe cleanliness everywhere in the academy. Trash should be properly disposed in bins around the vicinity. Students who are caught littering are given one (1) hour penalty
  2. Students are only allowed to spit in trash bins or comfort rooms. Those who are caught spitting within the academy premises aside from the mentioned areas are given one (1) hour penalty.
  3. Students are only allowed to smoke in designated areas within the academy. Students who are caught violating this policy are given one (1) hour penalty. The following are the designated smoking areas:
  • Monol Basketball court
  • Back verandas in dormitory floors (B2-3F), B4 and classroom floors (B5-B7)
  • Front of Monol Canteen          

b)      DRINKING

  1. Drinking alcohol within Monol is strictly prohibited.
  2. Drinking of alcohol is also not allowed during weekdays except on days when students are allowed to go out on Free Fridays and weekends.

c)       DECORUM

  1. Disrespectful behavior towards fellow students, teachers and other Monol employees are not tolerated.
  2. Acts of lasciviousness inside the academy like kissing or engaging in sexual acts are not tolerated.
  3. Engaging in romantic relationships with Monol employees is strictly prohibited.
  4. Any form of gambling is not allowed within the premises of Monol.
  5. Communicate properly with teachers, managers, office staff and fellow students.
  6. Frequent offenses of the above mentioned premises are subject to penalty.



  1. Observe cleanliness inside dormitory rooms.
  2. Students are encouraged to be organized with their personal belongings and practice neatness and orderliness inside dormitories. This is to avoid conflict among roommates.
  3. Treat your roommates with respect, sensitivity and good manners.
  4. Immoral or scandalous behavior, engaging in fights and vandalism are forbidden.
  5. Handle dormitory facilities and equipment with care. If anything is amiss, report it immediately to ASD.
  6. Respect and follow the quiet time imposed on the campus and the neighborhood at 22:00-07:00.
  7. Never hesitate to express concerns and practice continuous communication with roommates to avoid misunderstandings.



  1. Communicate with your teachers with respect and courtesy. Treat your classmates with good manners as well.
  2. Exercise punctuality to avoid penalties. Attend classes on time.
  3. Eating in classrooms is not allowed. Observe cleanliness and orderliness for the next user of the classroom.
  4. Never hesitate to express difficulties and ask clarifications from your teachers about unclear class topics or activities to avoid miscommunication. Further, be open and considerate to criticisms or corrections of teachers for your own improvement.
  5. Never do any personal favors for teachers.
  6. Observe proper hygiene and decent attire.



Penalties or sanctions imposed for violations are all dependent on the gravity and frequency of the acts committed. Monol implements three (3) types of disciplinary actions to students relating to decorum.

  • Students are given 16 hours penalty.
  • 32 hours penalty is given to students and are not allowed to drink alcohol and go out of the academy for two (2) weekends.
  • Students are expelled from the academy.



Students who are caught doing the following violations are given SPECIAL PENALTIES, which correspond to 32 hours penalty alongside not allowing students to drink alcohol and  go out for two (2) weeks:

  1. Male students entering female students’ rooms and vice versa
  2. Going out without permission
  3. Drinking alcoholic beverages inside the academy and anywhere in the neighborhood during weekdays
  4. Violations relating to Decorum
  5. Theft
  6. Disrespectful and Mischievous Behavior



Students who are caught engaging in the following activities are automatically expelled from the academy without further considerations:

  1. Bringing in or doing drugs inside the academy
  2. Stealing academy properties or other students’ belongings
  3. Provoking fights and instigating mischievous behavior
  4. Frequent offenses of the academy’s regulation on entering of other students’ dormitory rooms
  5. Frequent offenses of going out of the academy without permission
  6. Frequent offenses of the academy’s drinking violation

Monol also gives opportunities for students to modify their initially registered study programs according to their need.

Should a student wish to change their course; extend or reduce the duration of their stay; or cancel their program, they will have to convey their intent to the Counseling and Marketing Department and follow the necessary procedures.

It is important for them to be aware of these regulations to avoid any inconveniences and conflict in class and accommodation arrangements.

All concerns regarding courses or programs should be relayed to the Counseling and Marketing Department (CMD) managers according to the procedures expounded below.


  1. Students who want to change their program or course has to express their intent to CMD managers until the last Wednesday of the current term. Deadline for submission of intent to change course is until 12:00 of the said day.
  2. INTENSIVE SPEAKING ESL: Students should apply for this course on the 4th week of a term at SRD office from Tuesday 13:00 to Friday 15:00.
  3. Refund is also given to students who decide to change their course. However, this is dependent on the duration of their study program and registered course.



  1. Students should apply for an extension of program for a minimum of four (4) weeks at CMD office.
  2. Payment of tuition should be done three (3) weeks before the end of their registered program.
  3. Granting of extension depends on the availability of dormitory rooms. Students are encouraged to relay their intention of extending as early as possible for the checking of room availability.



  1. Cancellation of registration should be done through agencies, while cancellation in the middle of a study program goes through CMD. Naturally, students who directly registered shall communicate with Monol management regarding their cancellation.
  2. For students who are yet to start their study programs, cancellation of registration should be done at least one (1) week before the scheduled arrival in the Philippines.
  3. Cancellation in the middle of a study program should be done at least one (1) week before the students’ intended departure date. Depending on the duration of the study program and giving of cancellation notice, students can receive a refund of tuition and other fees.
  4. Students who wish to cancel their extension should inform CMD managers at least one (1) week before the start of their extension.