On-Campus Activities

Penalty Party

At the beginning of every term, students get to enjoy snack parties from the penalty fund, which is sourced from student policy violations.

on-campus activities

End-of-term activities

Apart from giving tribute to the graduates of the term, various games and activities become part of the end-of-term activities organized by the General ESL department. Activities organized for this event have themed programs where both students and teachers are drawn together to interact and learn from each other.

end of term activities

Fitness Programs

Apart from recreational facilities, Monol also has programs for the students’ health and wellness.
The academy has a gym, which is open everyday from 06:00-24:00. Students who wish to consult and get more pieces of advice from a certified fitness mentor can approach the academy’s gym instructor who is available from Mondays to Saturdays from 15:00-24:00. Classes on boxing, self-defense, as well as body-building exercises are also offered as alternatives of students to self-study.
For yoga and Pilates enthusiasts, an instructor is also scheduled to give lessons and sessions from Mondays to Fridays from 17:00-21:00.

on-campus activities

Sports Activities

Extra-curricular activities in Monol for sports are very well-supported. At present, the academy offers golf classes at its driving range, which is also located inside the campus.

There is also a recreation room for billiards, table tennis, and darts, as well as a basketball court for other sports like badminton and futsal.

on-campus activities