Tranquil Weekend Breakaway at Thunderbird


The north is like a gallery of infinite beauty–of people, culture, and places. Whilst it’s usual to forward around nearby provinces on the weekend trips, there’s always something new and beautiful waiting to be explored. 

On the latest weekend trip held on July 16, 2017, Monol took students to Thunderbird Resort — one of the most picturesque vacation spots in the north inspired by the Mediterranean architecture, specifically by the Santorini Islands of Greece. Just in the heart of the blue and white splashed buildings lie the sapphire pools overseeing the coastline of San Fernando. It features a Mediterranean lifestyle just within a couple of hours from Baguio.

Unlike the usual trekking, strolling along historical and amusement parks, surfing, and island hopping, this weekend trip is mostly for rest and relaxation – a breath of fresh air for students and enjoyed by kids who are part of the Family Camp.

As the Monol Weekend trips carry on these coming months, more areas in the north are to be discovered.


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