Wednesday Night BBQ Party


Despite the start of the rainy season, a group of students and teachers joined together to hold a barbeque party in MONOL’s own barbeque grounds under a clear night sky last night.


June 15 barbeque party organized by the 3+1 program of MONOL

The gathering was arranged by the 3+1 room teachers of MONOL. The 3+1 program is a unique living arrangement wherein three students stay in a room with a teacher. This arrangement enhances the relationship of a group of people with different cultures and at the same time, helps in honing the students’ English skills.


The group not only enjoyed grilling and eating but more importantly, they managed to practice their skill in conversing in English in a more casual manner. They shared stories and laughter with each other and at the same time learning from one another.

The MONOL barbecue grounds is open to all of its students who wishes to unwind after class or on weekends.



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