Why the Check Mark on Monol’s Facebook Page Matters


Facebook always innovates to provide the audience everything without them leaving the platform. While most of the users are those who want to connect with friends and families, Facebook is also beneficial to business entities.

The rise of fake accounts created bad impressions to users. There had been many posers and fake news that went viral. This case had tainted the reputation of business brands. However, Facebook solved the problem by having verification on the pages, and passing the process means a check mark added next to the page’s brand name. In fact, it is applicable to all social networking sites such as IG, Twitter, and YouTube.

We are proud to say that Monol International Education Institute is a business verified and validated by Facebook. You may look at our official page and find the Facebook check mark.

Just in case you’re wondering what the check mark means, Facebook says it:

Testifies the authenticity.

This is a stamp of approval that proves the people your business is real. It is genuine, legal, and official.

Removes the confusion.

Having the check mark singles your page out from all similar or fake pages that confuse your followers.

Strengthens the credibility.

It offers a professional impression to Facebook users. It simply tells them that you are established and credible.

Improves visibility online.

The verification process will help you increase the ranking of your Facebook page on the search results. You see, it makes your business SEO-friendly.

Monol International has been operating for 15 years with exemplary English learning program and experience. We promise to provide you services that are as authentic and excellent as we present them.


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