Showdown of Christmas Lanterns at Monol


Christmas in the Philippines is usually a time for families to get together, eat a lot of good food, exchange gifts, and celebrate like all Catholics do – that is, to wake up early in the morning to attend a series of masses for nine days and most of all, solemnize the birth of Jesus. One of the most important symbols in Philippine Christmas though is the lantern, or locally called “Parol”. The “parol” is usually a huge star hung in front of houses, in malls or stores – all of them uniquely adorned with vivid colors and extravagant trappings and some of them with playful, blinking lights. Over the years, however, the concept of the “parol” in the Philippines has evolved to take on different forms aside from a star.

This Christmas, the different departments here in Monol created their own lanterns to decorate their offices. Though the materials used are recyclable items, each department worked well on their creativity and ideas to hang the most dazzling star in the academy.


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