3+1 Program

【Philippine Study Abroad Homestay】

3+1 Program

Hello, this is David.

In this article, I will introduce the life in the “3 + 1 room” where I live in MONOL.

The “3 + 1 room” is a very unusual room where three students and one Filipino teacher live. 

 Table of contents

  1. 3 + 1 Room Benefits 
  2. 3 + 1 Room Disadvantage
  3. I Recommend the 3 + 1 Room for This Kind of Person
  4. Benefits of “3 + 1 room”

① You can learn to use English in everyday life

You can have a conversation about anything with your teacher or classmate and the teacher can help you correct your pronunciation and grammar.

In my daily life, the teacher can help me understand an expression that I am not familiar with, or I can point out the mistakes I made myself. Either is a great learning experience.

It is also the charm of this room that we can build a stronger relationship with the room teacher.

If you say the word teacher, there may be some people who would think that the teacher is on his/her thirties or forties.

Actually, I am a teacher in my twenties.

There is no such situation as being scolded by the teacher every day.

The image of the Filipino friend (roommate) is good.

 Actually, we go eating together on the weekends, and we usually play table tennis together in my spare time.

The teacher also recommends restaurants to go to and the explains the culture of the Philippines.

All this while talking in English helps me a lot.


▲ When I arrived in the Philippines and opened a welcome party in my room

Room Discussion

On weekdays, except Friday, we have a room discussion every night.

The theme of the discussion will range from topics related to the IELTS speaking tests, such as the culture and tourist spots of each country, to room rules and 3 + 1 room events.

As the teacher conducts the discussion, you can listen carefully to stories about roommates from other nationalities and you will learn a sense of cross-cultural understanding.


③ 3 + 1 room room party

It is a party where only students staying in 3 + 1 rooms can participate.

Various events such as bowling, BBQ, Christmas party, etc. will be held about once every 6 weeks.


I actually participated in the Christmas Party.

We played games as a team, the teachers danced, and in the end donuts and roast chicken were served.

It was a fun event.

There are also friends who have increased this 3 + 1 room rate to a large extent, and this is also a great attraction.


2. Disadvantages of the “3 + 1 room”

Disadvantage of this room type … To be honest I cannot think of it at first (laugh)

If you think of it strongly, this will be a room with 4 people living in it.

If one is “not good at joint life with a number of people …” then the 3+1 room might not be for them.

Also, the 3+1 program has a bit more time for activities, such as everyday room discussion and 3 + 1 room only events, compared to other room types.

There is also the possibility of being burdensome to those who “want to secure time for self-study after school because the schedule of the day is busy.”


3. “3 + 1 room” is recommended for this person

Based on the merit and demerit of this room type, I think that the “3 + 1 room” fits the following people.

  • I want to have the opportunity to study English even at times other than classes! 
    · Joint life with students of other nationalities is not bad. It is rather fun! 
    · I have the opportunity to use English in addition to the schedule of my classes because I have plenty of time!

 I personally recommend the 3+1 Toom! Please do consider it!