3 reasons why I like MONOL by Mickey

This week is my last week at Monol academy and I am going to graduate this coming Friday. I can say my 8-week journey at Monol is short and long as well. Actually, I have experienced also other language schools not only Monol that is why I can compare and analyze the advantages and disadvantages as honestly as it should be.

First thing is about food.

Monol is my third academy to study in English since I have studied in other schools for at least 2 months and more. Those schools distributed a fixed amount of food manually and sometimes they offered Filipino cuisine that I do not like. For these reasons, there were times I had to buy my meal outside.

But Monol has various dishes and delicious menu. Monol offers fresh vegetable and fruits every day also meat, some kinds of soup and etc. Frankly, I have a childish appetite, but I enjoy Monol food a lot and very satisfied.

Second, it is about the Intensive Speaking ESL course

I have been taking it for 8 weeks.

I am sharing my friends’ opinion, which is mine as well, on the course. I strongly suggest the course to someone who has concrete grammar knowledge and vocabulary. Because this course aims to speak out in many ways such as reading the newspapers, choosing the topics to discuss, and describing the pictures using suggested words. All classes aim to improve speaking skills. I carefully chose this course and I have no regret! Only 4-hour class and no homework are a big merit for me, but you should remember you can be lazy once you lose your focus.

If you are punctual and also good at time managing, this course is the best way to improve your communication skills!

Last content is about its facilities.

Monol formulates many leisure activities for its students to enjoy spare time except class hours. There are a lot, but I want to mention its gym, golf range, and table tennis.

Monol has gym instructors who can give us exercise plans to help students work out. I had enough time to build my strengths physically. It definitely helps me a lot to focus on my study. Except those I mentioned above, Monol also offers Yoga, Boxing, Golf and other classes. I think the study is the most important here but not to avoid managing health!

I hope you kill two birds with one stone while studying at Monol.