3+1 Activity: Game Night

Studying abroad isn’t exactly the definition of fun and games. But, for this particular night, students can forget their worries and enjoy a delightful evening! With the arrival of new students, it was time for the 3+1 teachers and students to get to know each other. As an ice breaker for all the shy, still-adjusting newcomers, a little game night was scheduled for everyone to enjoy.

Monol 3+1 Activity

Last June 27th, the Monol lounge was filled with laughter, excitement, and fun! All willing participants from the 3+1 room arrangements gathered together for a night of games, snacks, and friendship. This little activity is exclusive only to those occupying 3+1 room type so it was natural for other students to be curious.

They could be seen peeking from the lounge entrance eager to see what the night holds for this 3+1 activity. Monol’s 3+1 rooms are well-liked by students because of the comfy and helpful living arrangement that it offers. In 3+1, three students share a room with a teacher so they can practice English even after classes. Aside from the English only policy, they also have short room lessons to help with their improvement. Plus, unlike other rooms, they have unique activities similar to this game night every month.

Pinoy Parlor Games

To start, the mic was passed around so all the students can introduce themselves. Once everyone knew each other’s’ names, it was time for the games to begin!

For each game they played, the teachers explained the mechanics. One game was a ball relay race, but instead of using their hands, students had to use a spoon they held with their mouth! Although it may look simple, it was challenging to balance the ball on the spoon as they walked.

Another game they played included an odd pair: an egg and eggplant. The eggplant is tied and hung from the student’s waist using a string and is for pushing the egg. The goal of this activity is to successfully roll the egg faster than your competitor to the finish line. Despite awkward movements, the students did their best for the egg to reach the finish line.

The games didn’t end there! Things got loud when they started the balloon popping game. Different colored balloons were sent bursting as they raced to see which team could pop the most. The sack race also filled the lounge with so much energy! Students were laughing and jumping while they held onto the sacks they were wearing. Some had a few slips here and there but that just filled the room with more laughter.

New Experiences, New Friends

After going through all those new experiences, everyone felt much closer than before. Both teachers and students felt more comfortable with each other and had a nice time eating snacks after all the games. Aside from being a successful ice breaker, the activity also allowed students to experience Philippine culture through the popular Filipino games they played. Of course, the activity also helped them practice their English skills.