3+1 Movie Night Activity

Monol has various room arrangements but one stands out among the rest. This is the 3+1 room type. The room is a unique and popular choice of students because of the kind of lifestyle it offers. Like its name, 3 students room together with a teacher. The set-up allows students to speak and practice English outside of class hours and really incorporate it into their lifestyle. Plus, with a teacher in the room, students can ask for help when they’re having difficulties with their homework.

One other benefit that comes with staying in a 3+1 room is the activities. While in the comfort of their room, they can eat meals together and talk about certain topics and practice English. Sometimes, outdoor activities are also planned wherein all 3+1 room students and teachers go out together. Usually, the teachers plan for a night out bowling but this time it’s a little different. Last March 14 (Thursday), the 3+1 room activity was having a movie night!

Listening Practice at the Movies

All students and teachers from 3+1 rooms gather together for a fun night at a local shopping mall (SM Baguio). For 220 pesos each, they were set to watch the new American superhero film ‘Captain Marvel’. The film won’t have any subtitles so for the students, it’s great practice for listening!

Additionally, action-packed movies and animated films are the ideal movies to watch for students who are just beginners in English. This is because the genre generally has stories and dialogues that are easier to understand by non-native English speakers.

Dinner at Jollibee

After the movie, the night would not be complete without food. For dinner, the students and teachers sat and ate together at Jollibee, a local fast food place. Jollibee is a well-loved Filipino fast food chain that is so popular it even has branches overseas. Of course, being in the Philippines, it’s a must try!

During dinner, the students get more English practice as they engage in conversation with each other and their teachers. They share their thoughts and reflections about the movie and just have a great time bonding together. Afterward, it’s time to head home and recharge.

Learning English doesn’t always have to be classroom-bound and activities like these prove that. 3+1 room arrangements are limited so if you’re interested, remember to apply early!