6 must-try Korean restaurants in Baguio

*All photos are taken by Student Jane*

Today, I will introduce the best Korean restaurants I have tried in Baguio. Actually, these places are already famous among Koreans for their Korean food. For starters, let us start with the Korean-favorite, pork belly!

Pearl Meat Shop and Korean Restaurant

Location: Ancor Bldg., Carino St, Baguio

This place is famous not only among Koreans but also to locals and other foreigners. I visited many other restaurants that served pork belly but they were not as delicious as what I tasted here.

The main menu in this restaurant is pork belly but they also serve delicious side dishes like miso soup. If you are a fan of mushrooms, you should their mushroom dishes out as well!

Camping Date

Location: 2-a, 16 Legarda Rd, Baguio (in front of Prince Plaza Hotel)

Camping Date is just one of the several Korean restaurants located along Legarda Road. Here, you can order various flavors of chicken and eat delicious tteokbokki (떡볶이), which are Korean stir-fried rice cakes. If you really love tteokbokki, you should try it here! We also recommend their fried chicken and snow-cheese chicken.

Aside from their mouthwatering dishes, they also offer delivery with no delivery fee. You can even easily place your order through KakaoTalk. Additionally, if you choose to eat in the restaurant, it is designed like a camping ground. The place has tents where customers stay in to enjoy their meal.

Doya Jokbal Bossam

Location: 12 Legarda Rd, Baguio

Located near Camping Date, you can find Doya Jokbal along Legarda road. It is most known for the dish Jokbal (족발) or pig’s feet! This is my first time in the Philippines but I have heard that it is a well-known place with chain stores in Korea.

You can choose from a lot of options on the menu. There are Jokbal, spicy Jokbal, cold pork feet, and the pork belly dish Bossam (보쌈). If you order it as a set, they will also serve noodles and gyoza dumplings, it is the best!

They also have other dishes such as Kalguksu (칼국수), a knife-cut noodle dish, kimchi stew, ramen noodles, and flying fishballs!

For those who study in Baguio, you must go to Doya Jokbal whenever you crave for Jokbal~

Kenzo Korean and Japanese Restaurant

Location: Leonard Wood Rd, Baguio

Kenzo can be found along Leonard Wood Road! It may look like a Japanese restaurant, but they also have Korean dishes on their menu. The different food that they serve is incredibly tasty however, one disadvantage is the limited space. The space is so small that there are only three tables.

Once, I went there at 8 PM and I learned to arrive a little earlier next time. When I did, I was lucky enough to enjoy my meal there as there was only one empty table left. I ordered octopus sashimi and chicken skewers.

They also serve mussels and chicken feet. If you miss Korean food, you might want to visit Kenzo and have a taste of their food.

Jin Ho Galbi Korean Restaurant

Location: Session Rd, Baguio

If you visit this restaurant along Session Road, you will feel really full because of the unlimited refills! For 490 pesos, you can already enjoy unlimited pork ribs, pork belly, miso soup, ramen, red pepper paste, and various side dishes.

Personally, I think it is best to pair Bibim-naengmyeon (비빔냉면) or Korean spicy cold noodles with seasoned pork ribs. Their egg custard was also very tasty. As it is a restaurant with unlimited refills, there is a fine of 100 pesos per person with leftovers.

Osakaya Korean and Japanese Restaurant

Location: 4th Floor Porta Vaga Mall, Session Rd, Baguio

Lastly, I want to recommend the most recent restaurant that I have tried. The food there is really delicious and it is conveniently located in a Mall along Session Road. I tried their different Korean sushi rolls like the tuna gimbap (김밥) and bulgogi ((불고기) gimbap.

I also ordered some fried dumplings and the hot pot dish Budae Jjigae (부대찌개), or Army soup in English. For me, I think their bestseller is the Budae Jjigae as it is really good at a reasonable price. Meanwhile, the bulgogi gimbap was the most delicious gimbap for me. The owner there was very kind and I want to visit the place again ^^