7 tips on how to enjoy your MONOL ONLINE classes to the fullest

As the academy extends its high-quality English courses and lessons to an online classroom, Monol’s skilled and experienced teachers have placed their best efforts into creating a wonderful learning environment for online classes. 


MONOL ONLINE is the academy’s online program which offers one on one ESL courses and lessons to English learners all around the globe. It utilizes the school’s offline curriculums and materials to provide students with top-quality English education to improve their English proficiency.

The school’s online courses are conducted on CLASSIN, a virtual classroom where teachers may use a variety of tools to teach and interact with their students. 


There are many benefits of online classes; one of which is being able to learn from the comfort of your home. Although this is convenient, students may need to make some adjustments to focus on their lessons. 

Here are some tips on how to enjoy your MONOL ONLINE classes to the fullest:

01  Use a computer or a tablet

To guarantee the best classroom experience, using a wider screen for your online classes is recommended. Although phones are handy and convenient, the screens of tablets and computers are better suited for the virtual classroom.

02  print hard copies of your textbook pdf files and reading materials

People read digital media every day, so, what difference does it make to study your textbooks on-screen and on paper? Well, studies suggest that reading non-fiction or study materials on paper works better for students. If you have the printing resources, having your textbook printed out may help you focus on lessons better, thus learning more. 

It may also be more encouraging to study hard copies of the lessons since you have access to them even when you are not using your computer or phone. 

03  make use of earphones or a headset during your class

Your earphones or headsets are a necessary item for online classes. It makes sure that you and your teacher can hear each other clearly and precisely while you communicate. 


04  remember to take notes

Taking notes may not seem like a big deal but it is very helpful when it comes to re-reading and studying the lesson on your own. Remember to write down what your teacher emphasizes as well as important information, rules, and reminders during your lessons. 

05  get rid of any distractions

To focus on your class, make sure that you are away from common distractions such as loud noise and unnecessary gadgets. Additionally, try your best to resist the temptation of checking your social media while your class is ongoing. 

06  don’t be afraid to ask questions

In case you do not understand something, it is always a good idea to ask questions and clarifications to your teacher. Whether you are asking them to repeat a phrase or because you are confused, seeking the teacher’s assistance will help you in your lessons.  

07  take your online course seriously

Online classes are just as hard as offline classes. Just because it is a virtual classroom does not mean that it is to be taken lightly. Treat your online courses as seriously as you would treat your lessons in a real classroom setting. 

With these tips, you are ready to start your journey as an online ESL student. Join MONOL ONLINE and learn high-quality ESL courses with competent and experienced teachers. The school offers FREE demo classes for students who want to take a peek at what it’s like in the virtual CLASSIN classroom. 

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