Advance Registration for 1st offline term in 2021

2020 has been a tough year for all of us. But here’s something to look forward to, to lift the spirits!

Monol will be opening our first term on MAY 1, 2021, to students who will have the opportunity to get vaccinated and immunized.

  • No down payments or reservation fees
  • Start Date: May 1, 2021 (Change of start date applicable within 2021)
  • $200 discount / 4 weeks
  • Rooms Available: Standard Single Room, Deluxe Room for 2, Semi-Single Room
  • Offered courses: General ESL, IELTS, LEAP ENGLISH

*Our students’ and employees’ health is our priority. As we open face-to-face learning, we continuously commit to strictly enforcing safety protocols and social distancing guidelines in the campus at all times. We have renovated most of our rooms to accommodate single and double occupancy, modified our classrooms, and have opened a new wellness center to foster a healthier and safer learning environment.


While waiting, what can you do to prepare for your travel to Baguio?

  • Hit the books and start reviewing the basics to get you around.
  • Start acquainting yourself to an English-speaking environment by gradually living with English.
  • Take online ESL classes!
  • Watch out for news or travel advisories to the Philippines.