Advice to incoming students 1

Advice to incoming students

I just finished my 12-week journey in Monol. I told my family that I am not sure if I will go home as soon as I arrive at the airport in Korea or go back to the Philippines. It’s freezing in Korea nowadays. Meanwhile, this includes my advice to incoming students.

My Monol life is precious and memorable. I shared these stories with my family as well. This is what happened to me from the first day up to the last.

I availed Monol’s group pick-up service at the Manila airport then safely arrived at the school. On the first day, I was impressed by the services that Monol offers to its new students.

First of all, the president gave us an orientation about ‘how to study in English efficiently’. Regardless of the contents, I was so touched by his passion and his confidence for the school.

Second, Monol teachers toured us inside the school and Baguio city. Actually, it is not my first time to study in Baguio city so I knew a lot of places and where to go for any purposes. However, I joined them and experienced the school’s city tour service.

I realized Monol really considers what the new students need on their first day. We could buy some necessary kinds of stuff and exchange money in pesos during the city tour. They even treated us for dinner.
While having dinner, we could know each other a bit more and get rid of awkwardness.

To be honest, I did not think the service helps us to adapt to a new environment because my first school in Baguio did not offer the city tour service like Monol. But all of us adapted as time went by. I guess Monol offers this service because of the president’s enthusiasm and love for the school.

I studied in Monol for 12 weeks and took the General ESL course for 8 weeks and 4 weeks in Business English. Compared to my first school, class hours were less but I think that is enough to study English. 7 hours are for regular classes and if you want to add more, you can! 3 hours optional classes are also offered for free.

This is Monol, where we study English together.

The advantage of studying in Monol is that we can communicate with different Asians. It is a way that we can study and learn while we are free to talk anywhere in the school. Living with other nationalities in a school gave me many things, not only academic but also personal experiences, such as how to care for other people and cultures.

It is not a common situation to live with various nationalities. That is why my Monol life is so valuable and rich with good experiences. Now, this is my advice for incoming students.

Maybe you have a different idea when it comes to studying abroad. But in my case, it is my second time to study in the Philippines and I have an idea of what I should do based on my first experience. I can say that when you decide to study in Baguio, the Philippines, there is no need to think about unimportant things and just concentrate on studying if you choose Monol.  Do not be shy to do it like that!

You can be joyful while studying, which will make your Monol life memorable.

I want to quote the famous phrase by Steve Jobs below:

“Your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

Written by Bradley