Christmas Party (Again) and Amazing Race

Last December 22, Monol treated the students to a delightful Christmas party by serving pasta, fried chicken, and delicious ice cream to their students. But before serving the food, an amazing race challenge was given to the students and they showed us an unmatched determination to finish first! To show the students how Christmas is enjoyed in the Philippines, the administration of Monol decided to host a special Christmas Party to the students. To make the party livelier, an amazing race challenge was given to the students. The Amazing Race Challenge is a game based on the International Reality Show where teams must complete a sequence of tasks to win the game. The players must finish their first task to proceed to the next activity. They will have to do this until they have no more tasks left and they should race to the finish line to win. The students were divided into 4 groups (Blue, Red, Green, and Violet). There were 9 games to be played to win the game and everyone showed up excited and ready to win. To start it off easy, the first game was a Cheering Game, each team were given 5 minutes to think of a cheer for their team and show it off to everyone in attendance. Everyone made creative on-the-spot cheers to the delight of the crowd. After every team did their cheer, the facilitator once again announced the rules and proceeded to give every a loud GO! Signal. After the Go Signal, everybody ran to their respective tasks to finish the games. Since the tasks were divided, every team started off doing separate tasks. Shooting the basketball was one task. Each team had to shoot 50 points to finish and proceed to the next task. In this game there was a catch, if you can shoot the ball from half-court, you get to skip shooting 50 points and you will immediately receive your next clue! Unfortunately, no team finished the half-court shot and every team hustled to score 50 points. There was also a Kalamansi (Lime) Relay, teams should choose 3 members and take turns clipping a plastic spoon to their lips with a Kalamansi (Lime) on the spoon. If the spoon falls, the team member must return to the starting spot and walk around the playing area. If all team members completed this task they will receive their next clue. To test their golfing skills, a simple game of putting the ball was also challenged to the teams. Each team would only need to putt the ball from a close distance to win the games. They need to putt the ball 2 times so that the next clue would be given. This game proved too easy as some participating Monol Students are already good at putting! A challenge was also set up at the Lounge where students need to stack cups to form a pyramid of cups. But they only need to use some yarn to make the pyramid. Teams were very supportive of whoever was making the stack of cups and although it was difficult, everybody was determined to finish the task. When they have stacked the cups to form a pyramid, the next clue is given. Of course, there should be games to test their knowledge. A Quiz Bee was given as a challenge and they should finish it at the Guard House with the Security Guard giving them the test. The test was only 10 questions and the questions were about simple rules about staying in Monol (What time is the curfew.. etc..) The Security Guard already knew that the rule-breakers know every rule and the good students had a hard time remembering the answers. The second to the last game was a Messaging Game. Teams were tasked to ask 5 strangers if they could borrow their phones so that they could text Merry Christmas (Team Color) to the provided number in the clue. Every participant rushed to their teachers and friends so that they could send a message quickly! If the host has received 5 text messages from the same team then he will give them the last clue. The last clue will lead them to an Eating Challenge. All teams have the eating challenge as their last task.  And only one person can do this task. But they shouldn’t worry. Delicious Cordilleran Cuisine was served unknowingly to the students. Pinuneg is a Cordilleran Version of sausage.  Each team was given a good amount of pinuneg to consume. Dinakdakan was also served in portion. Dinakdakan is an Ilocano delicacy which is delicious. When the facilitator sees that the team has finished, he gives them the signal to run to the Dining Hall to win the race. In the end, it was the Red Team who won the game followed by the Green Team. The teams won lots of food and even the Blue team and Violet team who finished last were still given food as prizes because everyone did a good job to try to win. But again, they were surprised when Carbonara and fried chicken were being served at the dining hall. They were hungry during the games and so the food was pleasing to them as they fell in line to get a taste. Ice Cream was also served as 12 tubs of this delicious dessert was spread at the dining hall and everybody also lined up to get some ice cream. After eating, the Emcee interviewed the students and handed out the awards. Everybody felt that the spirit of Christmas was alive and well here at Monol. The Graduation ceremony continued after the games and after the feast. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Monol!