An extra sweet Valentine’s Day 2020 at Monol

As February 1st hits the calendars, the usual Baguio breeze is tinged with an even sweeter vibe as people look forward to the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day. On February 14th, Monol also participated in spreading the love to everyone in the academy.

Just like last year’s arrangement, a special booth set-up was open for the occasion. While the mock exams were happening at the lounge, Monol’s lobby was well-decorated with hearts and flowers plus an adorable photo booth frame where students and employees can take their photos.

Sweets and succulents for Valentine’s Day

The Performance and Hiring Department (PHD) prepared café-bought chocolate and banana bread cupcakes and cookies for sale. Also sold at the school Valentine’s booth was an assortment of succulent plants instead of the usual roses and flowers.

Additionally, to allow everyone to get into Valentine’s spirit, the PHD announced a color dress code for Heart’s day. Employees were to wear the shades of black or red for a love-filled Friday.

A sugary treat for everyone

To make Valentine’s Day even sweeter, a sweet surprise awaited everyone in the afternoon, free snacks! Monol gave out Cinnamon rolls topped with cream cheese and sprinkles paired with delicious hot chocolate as Valentine’s treat.

As these celebrations only come once a year, the academy wishes to make it memorable not only for the students but for the employees as well. Monol’s February was definitely full of love!