Architecture & Weather of Baguio

There are only two weeks left before I am going to finish my stay in Monol.  Baguio City, where my school is, is called “The Summer Capital of the Philippines”. Baguio City is interesting because of the people living here, the weather, traffic, and its architecture. All of these make a great Baguio in my eyes.

The weather in Baguio is a rare type of weather in the Philippines and is famous for being a good place to avoid the heat. The average temperature in Baguio City does not go past 26°C. The sun here isn’t high noon and rain isn’t a downpour. Sometimes fog appears covering the whole city for a few minutes. It creates a mysterious effect on the city.

Jeepneys and cars are popular vehicles here and many taxis run here.  You can go sightseeing in the city roads and prices for public transportation are very cheap. Just 8 pesos for one ride in the jeepney and 35 pesos when you start with a taxi.

Special architecture in Baguio is very wonderful. Zigzag roads are built in the mountains and the houses were built on a mountain slope. I did not know you can build houses like that. All houses are in different styles, place, and architecture. But all of them have just one thing in common. It was built by workers who are very professional and originative. It makes Baguio look like a beautiful picture drawn by professional artists.

The people in the Philippines, particularly Baguio, are very friendly and happy from the supermarket, public market, street, restaurant, and especially from my school. My teachers are very happy, enthusiastic, friendly and gracious. They helped me implore my English Skills and taught me the culture of the Philippines. Combining these weaknesses has helped Baguio become a city with living and a place that is called “The Summer Capital”.

When I go back to my country I will miss Baguio. If I can, I will go back to Baguio the soonest. I love the weather, people, and the architecture here. I love Baguio.

By Vincent

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